EDI 448 Inclusive Middle Level Teaching in Social Studies (B)

Co-requisite PRO430.

Introduces teacher candidates to the methods and strategies involved in the teaching of middle and high school social studies. Begins the teacher candidates' exploration of the nature of teaching, instructional planning, designing unit and lesson plans, interdisciplinary approaches, assessment, and teaching portfolios. Requires teacher candidates to practice teaching lessons they have designed and be reflective about their own and others' lessons. Focuses on teacher candidates' ability to work collaboratively as members of teams. Provides opportunities for teacher candidates to clarify their goals in pursuit of a teaching career and requires them to construct a personal statement of educational philosophy. Requires 50 hours of field experience in a middle level inclusion classroom. NYSED requires a minimum course grade of ā€œCā€ (undergraduate sections) or ā€œB- (graduate sections) for certification. Course requires a minimum grade of C (for General Education/Major/Minor/Certification)" Swing Course EDI548. 3 Cr. Every Semester.