EDI 432 Teaching Literacy in Mid/High School Content Area II (B)

Prerequisite: EDI 431 Builds on students' study in EDI 431.

This is the application level of literacy instruction, emphasizing effective teaching methods. This course explores the notion that reading, writing, and speaking are fundamental to thinking about and learning content knowledge in all disciplines of study. Students use written and verbal presentations to explore thinking processes, and to take skills and theory from EDI 431 and translate them into teaching practice. Learners will achieve an understanding of the kinds of experiences that help students make meaning from text, write and speak with an authentic voice, and produce writing and verbal presentations of consequence. Students will design and deliver literacy lessons, integrate literacy lessons into their specific content, integrate technology into literacy lessons, engage learners through multiple research based methods, and further their understanding of an inclusive environment to promote literacy development. NYSED requires a minimum course grade of ā€œCā€ (undergraduate sections) or ā€œB- (graduate sections) for certification. Course requires a minimum grade of C (for General Education/Major/Minor/Certification) Swing course EDI 532. 3 Cr. Every Semester.