EDI 431 Teaching Literacy in Middle & High School Content Areas I (B)

"Prerequisite: Adolescence Inclusive Program Admission.

Focuses on the notion that reading and listening for meaning are critical to thinking about and learning content knowledge in all disciplines of study in the middle and high schools. Stresses the development of these language skills in early and later adolescence and examines the individual differences among learners and multiple approaches and strategies that may be used to improve students' thinking and learning. Requires an analysis of reading and listening skills and abilities essential to successful learning in the disciplines that are taught in the middle and high schools. Identifies the successful strategies teachers and others have used to be effective readers and listeners and uses these as bridges to the construction of instructional units that improve performance. NYSED requires a minimum course grade of ā€œCā€ (undergraduate sections) or ā€œB- (graduate sections) for certification. Course requires a minimum grade of C (for General Education/Major/Minor/Certification)" Swing Course EDI531. 3 Cr. Every Semester.