Pre-Professional Health Minor

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The Pre-Professional Health Minor is an interdisciplinary minor, drawing courses from a variety of disciplines. It is designed to

  • Provide students with knowledge of the psychological and social foundations of behavior, as well as additional knowledge and understanding of areas such as ethics that are crucial to health professionals.
  • Provide underpinnings that promote understanding of the psychological, social, and cultural factors that shape health and disease.

Admission to the Program

Any undergraduate student can participate in the program, but it will be of particular interest to students intending to enter a health profession.

Program Requirements

The minor requires 18 credits. No more than 9 credits can be in any one discipline. Students design their course of study in close consultation with their minor advisor.

  • Twelve required credits:
    • PSH110 Principles of Psychology
    • Select one course (3 credits) from
      • PSH331 Personality
      • PSH334 Abnormal Psychology
      • PSH341 Biopsychology
    • Select one course (3 credits) from
      • PHL102 Introduction to Ethics
      • PHL321 Medical Ethics
    • SOC100 Introduction to Sociology
  • At least Six elective credits from the following options:
    • Select one course (3 credits) at most from
      • PSH331 Personality
      • PSH334 Abnormal Psychology
      • PSH341 Biopsychology
      • PSH397 Health Psychology
    • ANT317 Culture and AIDS
    • ANT412 Medical Anthropology
    • HST230 Women and Medicine
    • PBH306 Contemporary Issues in Health
    • PBH317 Introduction to Public Health
    • SOC210 Social Problems
    • SOC240 Social Inequality
    • SOC361 Sociology of Families
    • SOC364 Sociology of Gender