Physical Education Teacher Education Major

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The Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE)major leads to "initial certification" to teach physical education in grades PreK-12 in New York State.The major also certifies candidates to coach in NYS. To obtain "professional certification" students must earn a master’s degree within five years of initial certification.

Admission to the Program

Students who pursue the PETE major can declare their intent to major at admission to the College as a freshman or transfer student. Acceptance into the major requires the following:

  • GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Completion of 45 college credits prior to enrollment in PEP 441 Instructional Planning in Physical Education
  • Transfer students not meeting seamless transfer will be required to take one full-time semester of Brockport coursework prior to enrollment in PEP 441 and obtain a Brockport GPA of 2.5 or higher

Students who successfully complete these requirements are admitted to the physical education teacher education major and are eligible to take PEP 441 Instructional Planning in Physical Education.

Transfer students meeting the seamless transfer agreement are admitted upon acceptance.

Program Requirements

Students in the physical education teacher education major pursue a Bachelor of Science degree and must complete its requirements.

General Education Requirements (43 credits)

Major Departmental Requirements (77-78 credits)

Required Academic Core Courses (20 credits)

  • BIO 221 Anatomy and Physiology*
  • PES 305 Significance of Physical Activity
  • PES 335 Physiological Basis of Exercise and Sport
  • PES 413 Motor Development
  • PES 439 Motor Learning
  • PES 3XX/4XX Elective (Recommended PES 396 Women in Sport – also meets Contemporary Issues and Perspectives on Gender)

*denotes courses that meet both major and general education requirements

Required Professional Sequence (39 credits)

The PETE Major Professional Sequence is taken in blocks as noted below:

  • Block 3:
    • PEP 301 Fitness Education for Teachers
    • PEP 310 Curriculum Models
    • PEP 442 Secondary Methods and Instruction
  • Block 4 (Student Teaching)
    • PEP 476 Seminar in Student Teaching/Coaching
    • PEP 487 Elementary Student Teaching/Coaching
    • PEP 488 Secondary Student Teaching/Coaching


  1. PEP 441, PEP 442 and PEP 444 include a field experience that requires a separate application.
  2. PEP 445 and PEP 483 also require a field experience.
  3. Prior to Student Teaching, students must complete all the following:
    1. at least 108 credits prior to student teaching
    2. all General Education requirements
    3. completion of all other physical education major requirements
    4. 2.0 GPA in the physical education major (transfer courses do not count in GPA calculation)
    5. a grade of "C" or higher in all professional methods courses
    6. a grade of "C" or higher in all activity/skill courses
    7. a grade of "C" or higher in all professional electives
    8. participation in the health-related physical fitness test
    9. a student teaching application
    10. an overall Brockport GPA of 2.5 or higher
    11. a current, state-approved First Aid (including AED training) and CPR certification
    12. Concussion management
    13. DASA Certification

Required Cognate Course (1 credit)

  • PRO 370 Health and Drug Education for Teacher Candidates

Required Activity/Skill Courses (12-13 credits)

  • PES 201 Rhythms and Dance
  • PES 202 Adventure Challenge
  • PES 206 Educational Gymnastics
  • PES 215 Teaching Aquatics
  • PES 225 Group Fitness Activities
  • PES 226 Lifetime Activities
  • PES 227 Outdoor Education Activities
  • PES 228 Team Sport Activities

Required PEP Electives (5 credits)

  • PEP 304 Technology in Physical Education
  • PEP 351 Coaching Sports
  • PEP 362 Physical Performance Training
  • PEP 363 Administration of Physical Education and Sport
  • PEP 3XX Coaching Clinic
  • PEP 379 Athletic Training for the Teacher Coach
  • PEP 481 Instructional Strategies in Adapted Physical Education
  • PEP 482 Adapted Physical Activity and Sport
  • PEP 486 Physical Education for Children with Sensory Impairments
  • PEP 489 Adapted Physical Activity Practica: Low Incidence
  • PEP 495 Special Topics in PE
  • PEP 399 Independent Study
  • PEP 499 Independent Study

Total Credits (120-121 credits)

Adapted Physical Education Concentration (optional)

The Adapted Physical Education (APE) Concentration provides additional preparation for PETE majors to work with students with disabilities in a variety of settings from inclusive to self-contained. PETE majors may also select courses in the concentration to fulfill elective requirements. Those pursuing the concentration are more able to meet the needs of students with disabilities in physical education and many go on to pursue graduate work in APE.


Students accepted into the PETE major may pursue the concentration in APE.

Concentration Requirements

The concentration is completed in conjunction with the PETE major and ranges in credits from 9-12 credits. Students completing at least 50% of their student teaching experience working with children with disabilities complete 9 credits. In lieu of the student teaching requirement, students may choose to take PEP 485 Practicum in APE for an additional three credits. Coursework in adapted physical education also fulfills the required 5 credit elective pool in PETE major.

Core Prerequisites/Corequisites

  • PEP 445 Adapted Physical Education

Required Courses

  • PEP 481 Instructional Strategies in Adapted Physical Education
  • PEP 482 Adapted Activity and Sport

Remaining credits for the degree are determined by working with their academic advisor.


Students who complete this program are eligible for the College’s recommendation for New York State certification. Program completion and submission of the recommendation form are also required to secure the College’s recommendation. Additional New York state certification requirements must be satisfied to earn certification. Students are advised to consult the Brockport Certification Office.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  1. Physical education candidates demonstrate an understanding of common and specialized content, and scientific and theoretical foundations for the delivery of an effective preK-12 physical education program.
  2. Physical education candidates are physically literate individuals who can demonstrate skillful performance in physical education content areas and health-enhancing levels of fitness.
  3. Physical education candidates apply content and foundational knowledge to plan and implement developmentally appropriate learning experiences aligned with local, state and/or SHAPE America's National Standards and Grade-Level Outcomes for K-12 Physical Education through the effective use of resources, accommodations and/or modifications, technology and metacognitive strategies to address the diverse needs of all students.
  4. Physical education candidates engage students in meaningful learning experiences through effective use of pedagogical skills. They use communication, feedback, technology, and instructional and managerial skills to enhance student learning.
  5. Physical education candidates select and implement appropriate assessments to monitor students' progress and guide decision making related to instruction and learning.
  6. Physical education candidates demonstrate behaviors essential to becoming effective professionals. They exhibit professional ethics and culturally competent practices; seek opportunities for continued professional development; and demonstrate knowledge of promotion/advocacy strategies for physical education and expanded physical activity opportunities that support the development of physically literate individuals.