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The art major is designed to provide a well-rounded, multi-disciplinary education in the appreciation and creation of visual art, encompassing two-dimensional and three-dimensional media, art history and criticism, and a four-course disciplinary concentration in one area such as Ceramics, Drawing, Painting, Photography, and Sculpture. Students majoring in art are encouraged to explore other knowledge areas through a double major and/or minors.

Admission to the Program

Any undergraduate can declare a major in Art. There is no portfolio review for entry into the BA/BS Art major.

General Education Requirements (25-34 credits)

Major Departmental Requirements (45 credits)

  • ARH 201 Survey of World Art I [YR 1]**
  • ARH 202 Survey of World Art II [YR 1]**
  • ART 210 2-D Design [YR 1]
  • ART 212 3-D Design [YR 1]
  • ART 215 Digital Foundations [YR 1]
  • ART 221 Drawing I [YR 1]**
  • ARH 420 20th-Century Art (offered Spring only)