Graphic Design Major

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Graphic Design, and design more generally, is the process of bringing form to content. Content is the material, the message, the communicational need. The problem for designers is how to best present that information—what is the most appropriate form for it to take? At Brockport, we not only teach the tools of design, but perhaps more importantly, we emphasize conceptual and methodological approaches for using those tools. We teach students how to develop rational, appropriate and aesthetically elegant solutions to visual communication problems, and then provide the skills to create them. In our quest to prepare students for life beyond graduation, our courses and projects reflect professional processes and real-world problems.

Admission to the Program

Any undergraduate can declare a major in Graphic Design. There is no portfolio review for entry into the BA/BS Graphic Design major.

Program Requirements

General Education Requirements (25-34 credits)

Major Departmental Requirements (48 Credits):

  • ARH 202 Survey of World Art II [YR 1]**
  • ARH 315 History of Graphic Design
  • ART 210 2-D Design [YR 1]
  • ART 212 3-D Design [YR 1]
  • ART 215 Digital Foundations [YR 1]
  • ART 221 Drawing I [YR 1]**
  • ARH 420 20th-Century Art (offered Spring only)
  • ART 225 Graphic Design I
  • ART 235 Typography I
  • ART 325 Typography II
  • ART 300 Branding and Identity (offered Fall only)
  • ART 327 Web Publications
  • ART 427 Information Design (offered Spring only)
  • ART 450 Portfolio & Professional Practices (offered Spring only)
  • * Foundational courses are followed by "[YR 1]" and must be taken in the first year.

    ** Denotes courses that meet both major and general education requirements

    Electives (38-47 credits)

    Total Credits (120 credits)

    Additional Degree Requirements:

    1. A minimum grade of “C” must be attained in all courses in the major.
    2. Completion of all university-wide degree requirements