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A Undergraduate Programs Graduate Programs

Accounting Major (BS)

Accounting Minor

Adapted Physical Education (Concentration)

Addictions & Behavioral Health Major

Addictions & Behavioral Health Minor (non-clinical)

African and African-American Studies Major (BA, BS)

African and African-American Studies Minor

Aging Studies Interdisciplinary Minor

Anthropology Major (BA, BS)

Anthropology Minor

Art History Minor

Art Major (BA, BS)

Art Major (BFA)

Art-Studio Minor

Arts For Children Major (BA, BS)

Athletic Training/Exercise Science Accelerated Degree Program

Athletic Training/Kinesiology Accelerated Degree Program

Accounting (MS)

Adapted Physical Education Concentration (Graduate Certificate)

Adolescence Biology Education (MSEd)

Adolescence Chemistry Education (MSEd)

Adolescence Earth Science Education (MSEd)

Adolescence English Education (MSEd)

Adolescence Mathematics Education (MSEd)

Adolescence Physics Education (MSEd)

Adolescence Social Studies Education (MSEd)

Aging Studies (Advanced Certificate)

Athletic Administration (MS)

Athletic Administration (MSEd)

Athletic Training (MS)

B Undergraduate Programs Graduate Programs

Biochemistry Major (BS)

Biology Adolescence Education Major (BS)

Biology Adolescence Inclusive Generalist Education Major (BS)

Biology BS/MS Combined Degree Program

Biology BS/PharmD Combined Degree Program

Biology Major (BA, BS)

Biology Minor

Broadcast Meteorology Minor

Business Administration Major (BS)

Business Administration Online Degree Completion Program (BS)

Business Minor

Bilingual Education (Adv. Cert.)

Bilingual Education (MSEd)

Biology (MS)

Biology Education (Adv. Cert.)

Biology Education Inclusive Generalist (alt. MSEd)

Business (MBA)

C Undergraduate Programs Graduate Programs

Chemistry Adolescence Education Major (BS)

Chemistry Adolescence Inclusive Generalist Education Major (BS)

Chemistry Major (BA, BS)

Chemistry Major with ACS Certification (BA, BS)

Chemistry Minor

Childhood Inclusive Education Program, Grades 1-6

Childhood Inclusive Major (BS)

Coaching Minor

Communication Studies Major (BA, BS)

Communication Studies Minor

Community Justice Major (BS)

Computer Information Systems Major (BS)

Computer Information Systems Minor

Computer Science Major (BS)

Computer Science Minor

Criminal Justice Major (BS)

Criminal Justice Minor

Cybersecurity Major (BS)

Cybersecurity Minor

Chemistry Education (Adv. Cert.)

Chemistry Education Inclusive Generalist (alt. MSEd)

Childhood Inclusive Education (MSEd)

College Student Affairs and Development (MS)

Creative Writing (Graduate Certificate)

D Undergraduate Programs Graduate Programs

Dance Major (BA, BS)

Dance Major (BFA)

Dance Minor

Digital Marketing Minor

Disability Studies Minor

Dance (MA)

Dance (MFA)

E Undergraduate Programs Graduate Programs

Early Childhood Inclusive Education (BS)

Earth Science Adolescence Education Major (BS)

Earth Science Adolescence Inclusive Generalist Education Major (BS)

Earth Science Major (BA, BS)

Earth Science Minor

Economics Major

Economics Minor

English Adolescence Education Major (BS)

English Adolescence Inclusive Generalist Education Major (BS)

English Major (BA, BS)

English Minor

Environmental Science & Ecology (BS/MS) Combined Degree

Environmental Science Major (BS)

Environmental Science Minor

Environmental Studies Minor

Exercise Science Major (BS)

Earth Science Education (Adv. Cert.)

Earth Science Education Inclusive Generalist (alt. MSEd)

Educational Administration CAS - SBL/SDL Concentration

Educational Administration CAS - SDBL Concentration

Educational Administration MSEd

English (MA)

English Education (Adv. Cert.)

English Education Inclusive Generalist (alt. MSEd)

Environmental Science & Ecology (MS)

F Undergraduate Programs Graduate Programs

Film Studies Minor

Finance Major (BS)

Finance Minor

Forensic Science Minor

G Undergraduate Programs Graduate Programs

Geology Major (BA, BS)

Geology Minor

Graphic Design Major (BA, BS)

Graphic Design Minor

H Undergraduate Programs Graduate Programs

Health and Society Major (BS)

Healthcare Administration Major (BS)

Hip-Hop Minor

History (BA/MA or BS/MA) Combined Degree Program

History and Social Studies Adolescence Education (SSE) Major (BA/BS)

History and Social Studies Adolescence Inclusive Education Generalist (SSI) Major (BA/BS)

History Major (BA, BS)

History Minor

Higher Education Administration (MSEd)

History (MA)

I Undergraduate Programs Graduate Programs

Integrative Studies Online Degree Completion Program (BA, BS)

International Business Major (BS)

International Studies Major (BA)

International Studies Minor

Instructional Design (Advanced Certificate)

Instructional Design (MS)

J Undergraduate Programs Graduate Programs

Journalism and Broadcasting Major (BA, BS)

K Undergraduate Programs Graduate Programs

Kinesiology Major (BS)

Kinesiology Minor

L Undergraduate Programs Graduate Programs

Legal Studies Minor

Long Term Care Minor

Liberal Studies Masters (MA)

Literacy Education Program (MSEd)

M Undergraduate Programs Graduate Programs

Marketing Major (BS)

Marketing Minor

Mathematics (BS/MA) Combined Degree

Mathematics Adolescence Education Major (BS)

Mathematics Adolescence Inclusive Generalist Education Major (BS)

Mathematics Major (BA, BS)

Mathematics Minor

Media Production Minor

Medical Technology Major (BS)

Meteorology Major (BA, BS)

Meteorology Minor

Military Science Minor (Commission)

Military Science Minor (Non-commission)

Multimedia Journalism Minor

Museum Studies & Public History Minor

Music Business Minor

Music Minor

Musical Theatre Minor

Mathematics (MA)

Mathematics Education (Adv. Cert.)

Mathematics Education Inclusive Generalist (alt. MSEd)

Mental Health Counseling (MS)

Mental Health Counseling Bridge (CAS)

N Undergraduate Programs Graduate Programs

Neuroscience Major (BS)

Nursing Accelerated (Second Degree) BS to BSN Program

Nursing Major (BSN)

Nursing RN-to-BSN Fast-Track (BSN)

Nonprofit Management (Graduate Certificate)

Nursing - Adult Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner (MS)

Nursing - Doctor of Nursing Practice

Nursing - Family Nurse Practitioner (CAS)

Nursing - Family Nurse Practitioner (MS)

O Undergraduate Programs Graduate Programs

Outdoor Education and Recreation Minor

P Undergraduate Programs Graduate Programs

Philosophy Major (BA, BS)

Philosophy Minor

Physical Education Teacher Education Major (BS)

Physics Adolescence Education Major (BS)

Physics Adolescence Inclusive Generalist Education Major (BS)

Physics Major (BS)

Physics Minor

Political Science Major (BA, BS)

Political Science Minor

Political Science/Public Administration (BA/MPA or BS/MPA) Combined Degree

Pre-Professional Health Minor

Psychology (BS/MA) Combined Degree

Psychology Major (BA, BS)

Psychology Minor

Public Health Major (BS)

Public Relations Minor

Physical Education (MSEd)

Physical Education/Health Education Accelerated Degree Program

Physics Education (Adv. Cert.)

Physics Education Inclusive Generalist (alt. MSEd)

Psychology (MA)

Public Administration (MPA)

Public Health (Advanced Certificate)

Public Health (MPH)

R Undergraduate Programs Graduate Programs

Recreation and Communication Accelerated Degree Program

Recreation and Consumer Health Accelerated Degree Program

Recreation, Therapeutic Recreation and Tourism Major (BS)

Recreation, Therapeutic Recreation and Tourism Minor

Religion and Culture Minor

S Undergraduate Programs Graduate Programs

Social Research Methods Minor

Social Work Major (BS)

Sociology Major (BA, BS)

Sociology Minor

Sociology/Public Administration (BA/MPA or BS/MPA) Combined Degree

Spanish Adolescence Education Major (BS)

Spanish Adolescence Inclusive Generalist Education Major (BS)

Spanish Major (BA, BS)

Spanish Minor

Sport Management Major (BS)

School Counseling (CAS)

School Counseling (MSEd)

School Health Education Pre K-12 (MSEd)

Social Studies Education (Adv. Cert.)

Social Studies Education Inclusive Generalist (alt. MSEd)

Social Work (MSW)

T Undergraduate Programs Graduate Programs

Theatre Major (BA, BS)

Theatre Minor

Teacher Leader (Certificate)

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Adv. Cert.)

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MSEd)

V Undergraduate Programs Graduate Programs

Visual Studies (MFA)

W Undergraduate Programs Graduate Programs

Water Resources Major (BA, BS)

Water Resources Minor

Women & Gender Studies Major (BA, BS)

Women & Gender Studies Minor

Women and Gender Studies (Advanced Certificate)