Graduate Policies & Program Requirements

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Admissions information and application materials are available on The Center for Graduate Studies website.

Criteria for matriculated and non-matriculated study are available on the Degree Requirements page.

Student policies that apply to all Brockport graduate students are available on the graduate policies page. Some policies of note include:

  • Newly accepted students must register for course(s) in their first semester of matriculation.
  • Students must complete a Plan of Study with their faculty advisor during their first semester in matriculated status.
  • Students need to maintain Continuous Enrollment by completing at least one graduate course every 12 months.
  • Students need to be in good academic standing in order to fulfill degree requirements and qualify for graduation.
  • Students must satisfy all degree requirements within five years of date of matriculation (within seven years for Public Administration and Mental Health Counseling).

Many graduate programs have further requirements and policies, which are included in program information in this catalog’s list of master’s degree programs, advanced certificates (Adv. Cert.), and certificates of advanced study (CAS).


Master of Arts Degree

    • 0601.00Communication
    • 1008.00Dance

Initial Certification

      • 1008Dance, Pre K-12 [MA]

Permanent/Professional Certification

    • 1008Dance, Pre K-12 [MA]
  • 1501.00English
  • 2205.00History
  • 4901.00Liberal Studies
  • 1701.00Mathematics
  • 2001.00Psychology

Master of Fine Arts Degree

  • 1008.00Dance
  • 1011Visual Studies

Master of Science Degree

  • 0502.00Accounting
  • 0401.00Biological Sciences
  • 0799Computational Science
  • 0420Environmental Science and Biology
  • 0502.00Forensic Accounting
  • 2104Mental Health Counseling
  • 2103.00Recreation and Leisure

Master of Science in Education Degree

  • 0826.01Counselor Education

    Provisional Certification

    • 0826.01School Counselor [MSEd] 2

    Permanent/Professional Certification

    • 0826.01School Counselor [ADVCRT] 2
  • Education and Human Development

    Initial Certification

    • 0899Bilingual Education Extension [ADVCRT] 6
    • 0401.01Biology and General Science, 7-12 [MSEd & ADVCRT] 1
    • 1905.01Chemistry and General Science, 7-12 [MSEd & ADVCRT] 1
    • 1917.01Earth Science and General Science, 7-12 [MSEd & ADVCRT] 1
    • 1501.01English, 7-12 [MSEd & ADVCRT] 1
    • 0837Health Education, Pre K-12 [MSEd & ADVCRT]
    • 1701.01Mathematics, 7-12 [MSEd & ADVCRT] 1
    • 1902.01Physics and General Science, 7-12 [MSEd & ADVCRT] 1
    • 2201.01Social Studies, 7-12 [MSEd & ADVCRT] 1

    Permanent/Professional Certification

    • 0899Bilingual Education Extension [ADVCRT] 5
    • 0401.01Biology and General Science, 7-12 [MSEd]
    • 1905.01Chemistry and General Science, 7-12 [MSEd]
    • 0802Childhood Education, 1-6 [MSEd]
    • 0830Childhood Literacy, Birth-Grade 6 [MSEd] 3
    • 1917.01Earth Science and General Science, 7-12 [MSEd]
    • 1501.01English, 7-12 [MSEd]
    • 0837Health Education, K-12 [MSEd]
    • 1701.01Mathematics, 7-12 [MSEd]
    • 1902.01Physics and General Science, 7-12 [MSEd]
    • 2201.01Social Studies, 7-12 [MSEd]
  • 0837Health Science
  • 0835Physical Education

Master of Public Administration Degree

  • 2102.00Public Administration


Master of Social Work Degree

  • 2104Social Work

Certificate of Advanced Study

  • Educational Administration: Permanent/Professional Certification
    • 0827School Building Leader [ADVCRT] 4
    • 0827School District Business Leader [ADVCRT] 5
    • 0827School District Leader [ADVCRT] 5



  • 1 With middle childhood extension to grades 5-6 and Students with Disabilities 7-12 initial Certificates.
  • 2 The School Counselor Program leads to provisional certification at the master's level and permanent certification on completion of the Certificate of Advance Study.
  • 3 This program leads to an initial certificate or extension upon completion of the degree; however, this master's program may also apply toward the NYS education requirement for permanent or professional certification in all certificate titles held by the graduate.
  • 4 The School Building Leader program leads to initial certification on completion of the Certificate of Advanced Study.
  • 5 These programs lead to professional certification on completion of the Certificate of Advance Study.
  • 6 This program does not lead to permanent/professional certification.

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