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SUNY Brockport’s Theatre program is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Theatre (NAST).

In an alliance with Geva Theatre Center, Rochester's leading professional theatre, professionals teach at the College, a Directing Fellow directs a production at Brockport annually, and theatre students enjoy increased opportunities to participate in internships, and to attend Geva productions.

The Department of Theatre and Music Studies is committed to providing its students with theatre training within a liberal arts environment. The department is focused on student learning acquired through classes and productions as its highest priority, and is dedicated to upholding the integrity of theatre as it fosters an artistic environment that nurtures developing theatre artists, scholars and technicians. Theatre education is relevant in many applications and is useful to people in many different occupations.

The department is committed to sustaining a vital artistic synergy with the surrounding community and the greater society through productions and other theatrical and musical presentations by its students, faculty and guest artists.

Admission to the Program

Any undergraduate student can declare this major.

Program Requirements

Students in the theatre major pursue a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree, and must complete its requirements.

General Education Requirements (32-41 credits)*

Major Departmental Requirements (43 credits)

Core Courses

  • THE 201 Theatre Arts*
  • THE 202 Stagecraft (B)
  • THE 221 Introduction to Acting*
  • THE 239 Introduction to Design
  • THE 307 Fundamentals of Stage Management
  • THE 308 Stage Management Practicum (B)
  • THE 314 History of Theatre I
  • THE 315 History of Theatre II
  • THE 319 Play Analysis
  • THE 351 Directing
  • THE 402 Senior Project in Theatre

Total number of core credits: 28

Required Upper-division Performance Course (choose 1 from the list below)

Total number of category credits: 3

  • THE 322 Intermediate Acting
  • THE 323 Advanced Acting
  • THE 324 Physical Vocal Training
  • THE 332 Scene Design I
  • THE 334 Scene Painting
  • THE 336 Stage Lighting II
  • THE 338 Technical Production
  • THE 341 History of Fashion
  • THE 345 Stage Makeup I
  • THE 347 Costume Design I
  • THE 422 Acting Lab
  • THE 426 Improvisational Studio
  • THE 491 Special Topics in Theatre Production
  • THE 493 Special Topics in Theatre–Performance

Required Upper-division Dramatic Literature Courses (choose 1 from the list below)

Total number of category credits: 3

  • THE 353 Children’s Theatre
  • THE 410 Contemporary Women Playwrights*
  • THE 492 Special Topics in Theatre–Literature

Also required are 9 credits in emphasis-specific courses (in consultation with an academic advisor)

Total number of emphasis credits: 3

*Denotes courses that meet both major and general education requirements

Electives (36-45 credits)

Total Credits (120 credits)

Additional Degree Requirements

Production/Audition Participation Requirement

  • All theatre majors, minors, and students must participate in the production program of the department.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  1. Analyze and discuss theatrical activity within an historical perspective
  2. Analyze and research a theatrical text
  3. Apply critical thinking skills to the discipline of theatre
  4. Discuss a broad range of dramatic literature
  5. Apply skill in the craft of theatre/creation/production
  6. Collaborate in the creation/production of theatre
  7. Apply appropriate theatrical protocol