Outdoor Education and Recreation Minor

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The Department of Recreation, Therapeutic Recreation, & Tourism offers a minor in Outdoor Education and Recreation for students who desire to work in the outdoor education or outdoor recreation sectors. When integrated into a larger curriculum, outdoor education provides a multitude of benefits across realms including physical, mental, cognitive, and behavioral performance. Environmental education increases pro-environmental attitudes and behaviors, and also hones knowledge, skills, and abilities that support holistic student flourishing and self-actualization. 

Admission to the Program

Any undergraduate student can declare this minor.

Program Requirements

The minor consists of 18 credits outlined below.

Students must earn a "C"or better in each course in the minor. Courses taken on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis do not satisfy this requirement.

  • REL 202 Foundations of Recreation and Leisure 
  • REL 308 Recreation Programming
  • REL 324 Outdoor and Adventure Recreation Management
  • PES 227 Outdoor Education Activities
  • PES 202 Adventure Challenge
  • Six credits of additional REL course work from below 
    • PEP 2XX Advanced Methods of Outdoor Education
    • PRO 2XX Special Topics in Outdoor Recreation I* 
    • PRO 2XX Special Topics in Outdoor Recreation II * 
    • PEP 363 Administration of Physical Education, Sport and Outdoor Education 
    • REL 395 Sustainability in Recreation 
    • ENV 201 Environmental Science for Non-Majors 
    • PHL 102 Introduction to Ethics 
    • HST407 American Environmental History 
    • HST 457 Dark Continent to Wakanda: The Image of Africa 
    • PBH 303 Environmental Health 
    • ANT 331 Environmental Anthropology 

Note: Special topics courses may only be applied towards the required 6 elective credits one time 

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  1. Students completing this minor shall be able to design, implement, and evaluate outdoor education and recreation services that facilitate targeted human experiences embracing personal and cultural dimensions of diversity.