Military Science Minor with US Army Commissioning

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The military science program offers courses of study leading to an academic minor in military science and an officer’s commission in the United States Army. Students may enroll in lower-division courses without incurring a military service obligation. The lower-division courses provide theoretical and practical training in leadership and management principles and applications, basic military skills, and officer responsibilities.

Students who do not wish to pursue a commission may still earn a minor in Military Science with alternate requirements.

Admission to the Program

Any undergraduate student can pursue this minor.

Program Requirements

The minor consists of at least 20 credits.

Contracted cadets are required to take MS 104 (spring) each semester enrolled; each session earns 1 credit

Applicants for commissioning will complete a Leadership Development Advanced Course (off-campus) following their junior year.

Meet one of the following:

  • Successfully complete the following courses:
    • MSC 101
    • MSC 102
    • MSC 201
    • MSC 202
  • Successfully complete a five-week summer training program (Leadership Training Course), conducted off campus; all expenses paid by the Department of Military Science.
  • Prior military service participation (honorable), which includes the successful completion of military basic training.
  • Completion of a special accelerated "compression" program of study.

Course Requirements

  • MSC 104 Military Fitness and Conditioning
  • MSC 301 Adaptive Team Leadership
  • MSC 302 Leadership Development and Assessment
  • MSC 401 Developing Adaptive Leaders
  • MSC 402 Leadership in a Complex World
  • MSC 310 Saga of the American Military

Mandatory Commissioning Requirements

In order to complete this minor, students must sign a contract with the intent to commission with the U.S. Army by the end of the semester in which they take MSC 301.