Athletic Training/Kinesiology Accelerated Degree Program

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This accelerated pathway program enables students to complete their bachelors in kinesiology and master’s in athletic training (MSAT) in an accelerated fashion, in as little as five years. When qualified Brockport undergraduate applicants are admitted to this accelerated pathway program, they may take up to 15 graduate credits of coursework in athletic training, all at the undergraduate tuition rate. These credits may apply to undergraduate and graduate degree requirements simultaneously. Upon finishing all undergraduate degree requirements and graduating in good academic standing in the accelerated pathway program, students matriculate directly into the MSAT program. 

Admission to the Program 

Admission into the accelerated pathway in BS Kinesiology/MSAT occurs as an incoming freshman/transfer and is highly competitive. To be considered student must have:  

High School to Bachelor’s Degree Program: 

  • A 90 percent or higher unweighted high school grade point average.  
  • Four years of Regents or honors level courses in both math and science.  (i.e., Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Pre-Calculus, Calculus (AB and/or BC), Anatomy & Physiology – if available). 

Matriculation from Bachelor’s to Master’s Degree Program: 

  • Upon acceptance to SUNY Brockport in the accelerated pathway program, students will be guaranteed acceptance into the Master of Science in Athletic Training program, provided they maintain performance criteria.  
  • Commitment to pursuing a career in athletic training through volunteer or observational experience or by participation in a Health Explorers Post or New Visions Program, or similar program  
  • An overall 3.25 GPA with a 3.0 prerequisite GPA during their first three years of college.  
  • If accepted students do not maintain a 3.25 GPA or a 3.0 prerequisite GPA, they will be dismissed from the accelerated pathway program and will be eligible to apply for traditional admission to the MSAT program, as long as all prerequisites are completed. 

For best consideration, applications should be submitted by June 1 for fall admission.

Application Process 

All applicants must complete the normal application process to SUNY Brockport

Students matriculated in the accelerated pathway program will be evaluated in their third year, or the semester where all major and pre-requisite requirements are scheduled to be completed, for transition to the MSAT where another application process will occur. 

Program Requirements 

Taking Graduate Classes as an Accelerated Degree Program Student 

In the fourth year of the accelerated pathway program, undergraduate students can take up to 15 graduate credits of coursework in athletic training at the undergraduate tuition rate. These 15 credits can fulfill requirements for their master of science in athletic training once they matriculate into that program. 

When accelerated degree students have fulfilled all requirements for their undergraduate major and their undergraduate degree, they may no longer take graduate courses at the undergraduate tuition rate. Furthermore, no more than 15 graduate credits taken as undergraduates at Brockport can transfer into their graduate degree program and fulfill its course requirements. 

Maintaining Good Academic Standing in the Accelerated Pathway Program 

Accelerated degree students must maintain a minimum overall 3.25 GPA with a 3.0 prerequisite GPA while enrolled in the accelerated pathway program to remain in good academic standing in the program. 

Students who are academically dismissed or choose to withdraw from the accelerated pathway program, can complete outstanding requirements for the undergraduate major and degree. If such a student subsequently applies for the graduate program, those credits may be applied to fulfill MSAT degree requirements. 
Course Pre-Requisites.

Matriculation into the MSAT Graduate Program 

When undergraduate students in good academic standing in this accelerated pathway program complete their undergraduate kinesiology degree, they are eligible to automatically matriculate into the Master of Science in athletic training program. All Brockport graduate academic policies will then apply to them.