Media Production Minor

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Administered by the Department of Journalism, Broadcasting and Public Relations, the courses in the Media Production minor are designed to help students who have not majored in Journalism and Broadcasting learn about digital video and audio. JRB courses are listed under Journalism & Broadcasting.

Admission to the Program

Any undergraduate student who is not a Journalism and Broadcasting Major can declare this minor.

Program Requirements

Students with a minor in Media Production must complete a total of 18 credit hours (6 courses) including 6 credit hours of Required Courses and 12 credit hours of Electives.


  • JRB 200 Intro to Digital Video & Audio (every semester)
  • JRB 243 Media Writing (every semester)

Electives (choose four)

  • JRB 227 Mobile Journalism (every semester)
  • JRB 327 Web Publication & Design (every semester)
  • JRB 343 Media Performance (every semester)
  • JRB 346 Audio Production (every spring semester; prereq. JRB 200)
  • JRB 348 Video Production (every spring; prereq. JRB 200)
  • JRB 349 Broadcast Management (odd year fall)
  • JRB 353 Media Sales & Marketing (every spring)
  • JRB 358 Advanced Shooting and Editing (odd year fall)
  • JRB 445 Advanced Audio Production (odd year spring; prereq. JRB 346)
  • JRB 446 Advanced Video Production (every spring; co-req. JRB 348)
  • JRB 448 Live TV Production (every fall; off campus at RCTV; prereq. JRB 348)
  • JRB 455 Motion Graphics I (even years fall; prereq. JRB 200 and JRB 358 or JRB 358)