Film Studies Minor

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The film studies program is an interdisciplinary minor designed to aid students in developing a broad understanding of the history of film, an awareness of film language used by filmmakers, and a critical viewing ability. The program's faculty come from a variety of departments, including Anthropology, Art History, Communication, English, History, and others. For more information contact the Director of the Film Studies Minor, c/o Department of English.

Admission to the Program

Any undergraduate student can declare a film studies minor.

Program Requirements

The film studies minor consists of 18 credits as follows:

Required Courses (9 credits)

  • FLM 250 Film History Part I
  • FLM 251 Film History Part II
  • FLM 301 Theory and Criticism of Film

Elective Courses Selected by Advisement (9 credits)

    • FLM 303: Ecocinema
    • FLM 350: National Cinemas
    • FLM 404: History on Film
    • FLM / WMS 457: Women and Film
    • ANT 380: Native American Image on Film
    • CMC 372: Film as Social Commentary
    • CMC 463 Media and Society
    • MUS 401: The Films and Film Music of India
    • WMS 261: Queer Film and TV
  • two additional film studies courses

Elective options come from a variety of disciplines and departments and may vary according to availability. Recent elective courses have included the following:

  • ANT 304 Native American Images in Film and Media
  • CMC 200 Introduction to Digital Video
  • CMC 348 Video Production
  • CMC 372 Film as Social Commentary
  • CMC 446 Advanced Electronic Production
  • CMC 451 Documentary Production
  • CMC 463 Media and Society
  • HST 354 American Film
  • MUS 401 India Film Music
  • WMS 261 Queer Film and TV