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Completing a minor in Chemistry in addition to your major may broaden your career opportunities. A journalism major will find it easer to cover science related stories, a business major may more likely be hired by a chemical company, a criminal justice major will find it easier to communicate with forensic experts, an environmental science major may find it easier to analyze chemical data, a biology major may become more competitive for entry into a Molecular Biology graduate program. These are just some examples where basic knowledge of chemistry can augment your professional aspirations.  

Admission to the Program

Any undergraduate student can declare this minor.

Program Requirements

Required Courses (8 credits):

  • CHM205 College Chemistry I
  • CHM206 College Chemistry II

Electives (10 credits):

A minimum of 10 credits, chosen from courses having CHM206 as a prerequisite, is required for the minor. Since no specific courses are designated, a variety of tracks are possible, and it is important that students seek advisement through their major advisor or minor advisor.