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Graduate Courses

FCE 520 Multiculturalism in the United States (A)

Examines the development of multiculturalism in the United States from its beginnings to the present day. Studies how race, social class, ethnicity, gender, and ability have influenced cultural interrelations of the many groups that compose US society. Analyzes the many theories of multiculturalism, such as assimilation, acculturation, and cultural pluralism. Points out how cultural perspectives have influenced social acceptance, economic possibilities, and political rights of the various groups present in the United States. Includes a service-learning component. 3 Cr. Spring.

FCE 526 Foundations of Bilingual Education (A)

Studies the history of bilingual education as well as the laws and regulations governing its development locally, nationally and internationally. Explores the various models of bilingual education and their effectiveness in reaching their goals. Presents different methodologies dealing with language acquisition theories as related to classroom practices. Examines the role of advocacy at different levels as a process for supporting the effectiveness of bilingual education programs versus English-only programs. 3 Cr. Fall.

FCE 558 Women and Education in the Arab World (A)

Examines the persistent cultural and socioeconomic barriers to women’s education in the Arab World. Investigates how women’s education is influenced by religion, culture, family, teachers and costs, not only in relation to the decision of going to school but also to their education path. Contemporary concerns in education such as equity in schools, in higher education, and in the job market are also addressed. 3 Cr.

FCE 573 Linguisticss and Second Language Acquisition (A)

Crosslisted with ENG573. Contrastive analysis of the language components of English, French and Spanish; phonetics and phonology, morphology, syntax, lexicon, and semantics. Examines sociolinguistic and psycholinguistic perspectives related to the role of language in culture, identity and learning. Explores languages acquisition theories, and their application to bilingualism and the teaching of English to speakers of other languages. 3 Cr.