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    Undergraduate Courses

    HON 112 Introduction to Honors (A,Q,W)

    The course is required of all first-year students entering the Honors College Program. This theme-based seminar introduces students to an Honors education and fulfills General Education requirements for Written Communication, Oral Communication, Diversity, Perspectives on Women & Gender, and Academic Planning. 3 Cr.

    HON 380 Interdisciplinary Colloquium (A)

    Topics course; This interactive seminar involves a "deep dive" into a special topic that touches upon a variety of disciplinary perspectives. Topics will vary from semester to semester and will focus on analyzing a particular text, ethical issue, pedagogical concern, or research question that is relevant to multiple fields of study. Students should refer to the course handout available from the Honors College for individual course descriptions. 1 Cr.

    HON 395 Thesis Practicum (A)

    Required of all students enrolled in the Honors College. Guides students through the process of planning their thesis project, including formulating a topic and methodology, choosing a faculty advisor, and preparing a thesis proposal. Orients students to the resources and strategies that are essential to producing a thesis that reflects high standards of academic excellence. 1 Cr. Every Semester.

    HON 490 Senior Honors Thesis (A)

    Prerequisite: HON 395.

    Required of all students enrolled in the Honors College Program. Students conduct a major scholarly or creative project under the supervision of a faculty advisor. Provides students the opportunity to extend the current understanding of a problem with original research, to analyze existing research, to generate new knowledge, and/or to create new works of art, technology (e.g. software), etc. 3 Cr. Every Semester.

    Graduate Courses