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Goals of a Brockport Education

Brockport students gain knowledge of human cultures and the physical and natural world. Through integrative and applied learning, they develop intellectual and practical skills including intercultural knowledge and competency that shapes their sense of personal and social responsibility.

Through Brockport's General Education Program, Major Programs, and Co-Curricular experiences, graduates will achieve the following Institutional Student Learning Outcomes:

Written and Oral Communication: Brockport graduates will be able to express ideas in a coherent, logical, and compelling way, in both written and oral forms appropriate to their disciplines.

Quantitative Reasoning: Brockport graduates will be able to analyze, interpret and communicate quantitative information in a variety of formats, and solve relevant quantitative problems using appropriate methods.

Intercultural Competence: Brockport graduates will be able to demonstrate an understanding of multiple worldviews and experiences as well as of relationships between diversity, inequality, and social, economic and political power, both within the United States and globally.

Critical Thinking and Information Literacy: Brockport graduates will be able to identify issues clearly, synthesize and contextualize relevant sources to achieve specific purposes, and make connections across experiences and disciplinary perspectives to generate well-reasoned and imaginative approaches to historical and contemporary issues, problems, and challenges.

Civic Engagement: Brockport graduates will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the importance of civic engagement and civic responsibility through knowledge and experience gained in their academic field(s) of study and co-curricular explorations.


Last Updated 7/21/22