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FLM 557 Women and Film (A)

Cross-listed as WMS 557.

Explores aesthetic, social, psychological, and political issues that inform the relation between women and film. Traces the evolution of women’s work in front of and behind the camera in diverse filmmaking institutions worldwide. Focuses on both the roles women have played in mainstream cinema and the contributions they have made to the genre as directors. 3 Cr.

FLM 558 Contemporary Global Film Directors (A)

Provides a breadth study of major films and filmmakers active in contemporary global and transnational cinema, with a focus on contemporary international art films. These filmmakers will be examined within their specific national contexts and also as an enactment of resistance to and negotiation with the dominant Hollywood aesthetic. Exposes how American cultural isolationism tends to limit access to such films. Applies a variety of critical perspectives including formalism, postcolonial theory, ethnic studies, queer theory, and theories of globalization. 3 Cr.