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    The minor in recreation and leisure studies is designed for the student whose work is likely to call for understanding of and skill in coping with leisure and recreational implications of extended life expectancies, retirement, the needs of citizens with disabilities, high technology and the changing family structure.

    Admission to the Program

    Any undergradaute student can declare this minor.

    Program Requirements

    The minor consists of 18 credits outlined below.

    Students must earn a "C"or higher in each course in the minor. Courses taken on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis do not satisfy this requirement.

    • REL 302 Foundations of Recreation and Leisure
    • REL 308 Recreation Programming
    • REL 312 Administration of Recreation and Leisure Studies
    • REL 307 Practicum
    • Six credits of additional REL courseswork selected with advisor approval

    Student Learning Outcomes

    Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

    1. Students graduating from the program shall demonstrate the following entry-level knowledge: a) the nature and scope of the relevant park, recreation, tourism or related professions and their associated industries; b) techniques and processes used by professionals and workers in these industries; and c) the foundation of the profession in history, science and philosophy. (COAPRT 7.01)
    2. Students graduating from the program shall be able to demonstrate the ability to design, implement, and evaluate services that facilitate targeted human experiences and that embrace personal and cultural dimensions of diversity. (COAPRT 7.02)
    3. Students graduating from the program shall be able to demonstrate entry-level knowledge about operations and strategic management/administration in parks, recreation, tourism and/or related professions. (COAPRT 7.03)