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International Studies is an interdisciplinary major that provides students with an understanding of the driving forces at work in the world today.

Students of International Studies graduate consummately skilled in international politics and political economy, foreign languages, political geography, history, culture and ethnic nationalism. Because the major examines a broad range of actors, forces and trends in the world today, students enrolled in the program will be well trained to relate to and compete with individuals from other nations and states in international business, government and public life. This major's focus on such issues as international intergovernmental organizations (INGOs), world environmental problems, ethnic and regional conflicts, politics of developing nations, economic development issues and the politics of international economics neatly parallels a rising demand in many professional fields for individuals who are "globally aware" and "globally skilled." 

The International Studies major provides superb preparation for careers in government, international business and public service.

Admission to the Program

Any undergraduate student can declare this major.

Program Requirements

General Education Requirements (29-32 credits)

A. Foundation Courses (must take the following [6 credits])

  • PLS 111 Introduction to International Relations
  • PLS 112 Introduction to Comparative Politics

B. Political Science Electives (must choose five of the following including either PLS 410 or PLS 444 [15 credits])

  • PLS 304 International Rel. Simulation
  • PLS 305 Politics of European Integration
  • PLS 333 American Foreign Policy
  • PLS 338 Global Issues
  • PLS 340 European Political Systems
  • PLS 346 Russian and Eastern Eur. Politics
  • PLS 348 Asian Politics
  • PLS 383 Mid-East in World Politics
  • PLS 410 International Political Economy**
  • PLS 444 National Security**
  • PLS 447 Russia in Transition
  • PLS 475 Political Geography

**PLS 111 and 112 prerequisite. You must take either PLS 410 or PLS 444.

C. Other Electives (must choose four of the following, [12 credits])***

  • AAS 320 Precolonial Africa
  • AAS 321 Modern Africa
  • AAS 360 Africa Today
  • AAS 410 Apartheid
  • ANT 101 The Human Condition
  • ANT 201 Intro. to Cultural Anthrop.
  • ANT 323 Anthrop. Persp. on Global Iss.
  • ANT 363 Anthrop. of Religion
  • ANT 366 Gender in the Islamic World
  • ANT 383 Research in Cultural Anthrop.
  • ANT 415 Human Rights and Pol. Ecology
  • ARH 201 World Art I
  • ARH 202 World Art II
  • BUS 345 International Business Env.
  • BUS 433 International Marketing
  • BUS 445 International Financial Man.
  • BUS 453 International Business Seminar
  • CRJ 451 International Criminal Justice
  • CRJ 465 Terrorism
  • ESC 102 Elements of Geography
  • ESC 230 Intro to GIS
  • ENG 220 Early World Lit
  • ENG 223 Modern World Lit
  • ENG 228 Lit. Ancient China
  • ENG 230 British Lit. I
  • ENG 231 British Lit. II
  • ENG 367 Women World Lit
  • FCE 201 The French Speaking World
  • FCE 333 French Rap and Rock
  • FCE 458 Women's Edu. Arab World
  • FRN 300 French Global Business
  • FRN 355 France Today
  • FRN 450 French Studies
  • HST 130 World History Survey
  • HST 201 Ancient World Seminar
  • HST 202 Modern World History Seminar
  • HST 303 Topics World History
  • HST 304 Sport in World History
  • HST 306 The United States and the World
  • HST 325 Modern Irish History
  • HST 332 Witch Hunt Europe
  • HST 335 Roman Empire
  • HST 341 Mid-East Crisis
  • HST 349 Europe in the 20th Century
  • HST 359 European Women
  • HST 363 Islam
  • HST 365 Medieval Islam
  • HST 367 Gender in the Islamic World
  • HST 376 Modern Latin America
  • HST 434 Modern Caribbean History
  • HST 439 Modern Caribbean
  • HST 462 U.S.-Asian Relations
  • MSC 310 Survey American Military History
  • MUS 112 World Music
  • SOC 306 Development and Globalization
  • SPN 353 Lit. Culture Spain
  • SPN 452 Hispanic Culture in Film
  • WMN 330 Global Perspectives Women and Gender
  • Other

***Students may substitute DCC 210, 215, 220, 310, or 315 for any of these electives. Any other course broadly pertaining to international studies may be substituted for these electives with the consent of the Director of International Studies.

D. Experience Abroad [3 credits]

INS majors are required to spend time abroad during their studies at SUNY Brockport. Acceptable experiences include study abroad, Eurosim participation, faculty-supervised trips, or international internships, or other activities carrying at least three course credits. Upon returning, students will submit a brief report to the Director of International Studies detailing their experience.

E.Foreign Language [0-6 credits]

Majors are required to demonstrate an intermediate level mastery of any foreign language offered at Brockport. Students may either successfully complete an appropriate qualifying exam or complete the language through the 212 level.

Electives (46-55 credits)

Total Credits (120 credits)

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  1. Students should have a college-level understanding of international relations
  2. Students should have a fundamental understanding of the politics, economics, and/or culture of at least one country, region, or system outside of the United States
  3. Students will have a working familiarity with social science methodologies common to PLS/INS
  4. Students should have writing and speaking skills commensurate with BA/BS at SUNY Brockport