Teacher Leader Certificate Program

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The Teacher Leadership Graduate Certificate Program has been designed for practicing teachers who are either serving or interested in serving as a Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA) or coach.

Through the program you will explore how your background in teaching and learning can lead to advancement in our field while keeping you engaged in the classroom. The program also will let you investigate possible routes to leadership.

The Teacher Leadership Advanced Certificate is a 12-credit program designed for completion in less than a year in two six-credit sequential semesters. Courses offered are a hybrid of 50 percent online and 50 percent classroom instruction. In-person classes take place on Saturdays at SUNY Brockport Downtown in downtown Rochester, NY.

The program will include instruction in leadership skills, group processes, teacher observation, data driven assessment practices, and adult learning theories. The Teacher Leadership Advanced Certificate Program reflects the current trend in education of using coaches and mentors to provide classroom teachers with help in instruction, assessment and curriculum work.

Individuals who pursue the Teacher Leadership Program may apply to the Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) in Education Administration during their second semester of study. The 12 credits earned will be accepted toward the CAS in Educational Leadership.

Why Earn the Teacher Leadership Advanced Certificate at Brockport?

  • Faculty is experienced in teacher leadership, administration
  • Requires only 7-10 Saturdays a semester
  • Produces reflective practitioners
  • Students experience personalized attention in small classes
  • Study with experienced faculty at a nationally recognized university
  • Exceptional educational value with tuition that is only one-half to one-third of local private universities

Admission Requirements

Students applying to the program must have:

  • At least two years teaching experience at as indicated in the TEACH system.
  • Completed a master’s degree from an accredited university.
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0 in the highest degree earned.

Additionally, applicants must:

  • Submit a letter from the principal or higher ranking administrator indicating that the student has excellent teaching skills, exceptional oral and written communication skills, and demonstrates leadership potential.
  • Submit a letter that a district principal or administrator agree to mentor the student throughout the program.

Application Process

  1. Complete and submit a graduate application by the program deadline date.
  2. Application deadline for fall is July 15. Applications received after the published deadline are welcome and will be reviewed on a space-available basis.

The Program

The CAS in Teacher Leadership is comprised of one 6-credit course and two three-credit courses.

  • EDA 600 - Foundations of Educational Leadership
  • EDA 678 - Evidenced based Techniques for Teachers
  • EDA 830 - Leading Instructional Improvement Strategies

The Department and Programs

In addition to our newly approved Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) in Teacher Leadership, the department of Educational Administration at SUNY Brockport offers Certificates and Certification of Advanced Study in: School Building Leader/School District Leader (SBL/SDL) and School District Business Leader (SDBL). Our highly qualified faculty is comprised of current and former practitioners at all levels of administration who are committed to providing thoughtful and meaningful work that can be put into practice throughout the program and at its conclusion.

For complete information about this and other Educational Administration programs, visit www.brockport.edu/academics/educational_administration/.

Dr. Jeffrey B. Linn, PhD, serves as chair of the Educational Administration Department. He has worked as a teacher, teacher educator, district-level leader, principal, and coach of both teachers and administrators. Dr. Linn and other faculty in the Teacher Leadership Certificate Program are experienced, knowledgeable practitioners who believe that the work of the teacher is at the heart of all educational change.