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    Students minoring in Communication Studies explore human communication in a variety of contexts including interpersonal, public, mediated, and cross-cultural settings, and examine the social influence of language and media. Students investigate a variety of communication practices with learning experiences in theory, history, criticism, application, and performance.

    Admission to the Program

    Undergraduate students pursuing a major in another discipline can declare a communication minor.

    Program Requirements

    Students pursuing a minor in Communication Studies must complete a total of 18 credit hours (6 courses) consisting of the 6-credit Introductory Core (two courses), 3-credit Core Skills component (one course), plus 9-credit hours of elective courses (3 courses), at least 6 credits (2 courses) of which must be at the 300-400 level.

    Required Introductory Courses (6 Credits)

    Complete BOTH Required Courses

    • CMC 201: Public Speaking (minors must pass this course with a “C” or better)
    • CMC 202: Principles of Communication (minors must pass this course with a “C” or better)

    Core Skills (3 Credits)

    Complete One of the Following Courses

    • CMC 312: Argumentation and Debate
    • CMC 316: Interpersonal Communication in Business & the Professions
    • CMC 317: Interviewing
    • CMC 415: Dynamic Speaking in Professional Contexts (prereq. CMC 201 and CMC 316 or CMC 332)
    • CMC 475: Communication Internship (application required)
    • CMC 483: Communication Training & Development (instructor’s approval required)

    Complete any THREE elective courses (at least 2 must be 300-400-level): (9 credits)