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Undergraduate Courses

AMT 350 Arts Management (A)

Studies management: techniques, organization, planning and programming; development and fund raising; facilities management; audience development, public relations and promotion. Requires students to work on independent research projects. 3 Cr.

AMT 352 Managing the Arts (B)

Provides a study of technique for managing arts organizations and events; organizing, planning, and programming; personnel requirements; legal and financial management; box office and house management; and facilities supervision. Explores appropriate software for personal computers. 3 Cr.

AMT 353 Promoting the Arts (B)

Provides a study of principles and practices for promoting arts organizations and events: marketing, audience development, public relations, advertising and publicity, fund raising, and grant securing. Explores the use of appropriate software for personal computers. 3 Cr.

AMT 365 Art, Law and Appraisal (A)

Examines the federal and local laws and practices related to the Visual Arts and Personal Property, with emphasis on appraisals, auctions and copyrights. Also discusses insurance, trusts and estates, divorce settlements, taxes, charitable donations, forger y and fraud, cultural property, and international trade laws as they relate to art and personal property. 3 Cr.

AMT 451 Internship in Arts Management (B)

Prerequisite: AMT 210.

Provides placement in an arts organization to provide theoretical and practical experience in exploring solutions to arts management problems. Includes projects such as box office; fund raising; audience development; and gallery, music, or dance management. 1-6 Cr. Every Semester.

Graduate Courses