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Delta College is an innovative learning community that attracts adventurous students who want to experience the world of higher education differently - in a more personalized, interdisciplinary and experiential manner. All majors and certification programs offered at SUNY Brockport are compatible with Delta College. Enrollment is limited to approximately 75 students per year. Prospective students complete a supplemental application online in addition to SUNY Brockport’s application. Chartered in 1973, Delta College is unique within the SUNY system.

Delta College Advantages

  • Small classes which emphasize active learning through individual and collaborative projects.
  • Devoted faculty members from different academic disciplines who are committed to interactive teaching & learning.
  • A fulltime academic / experiential learning advisor who helps all Delta student customize their educational plans.
  • A series of coordinated, interdisciplinary courses that integrate knowledge areas, professional competencies, creative and critical thinking, as well as oral and written communication skills.
  • Separate classrooms, lounge and computer lab for Delta students.
  • Annual events that celebrate and demonstrate Delta College’s community and diversity.
  • Multiple opportunities for career / professional development through coursework, practicums and the culminating Delta Capstone.
  • Time-shortened degree option that enables some majors to graduate in three years with 99 instead of 120 credits completed.

Delta College Curriculum

  • DCC 100 Delta Orientation (3 credits)
  • DCC 210 Human Heritage 1 (3 credits)
  • DCC 215 Society & Culture (3 credits)
  • DCC 220 Aesthetic Expression (3 credits)
  • DCC 225 Professional Development Seminar 1 (Prerequisite: DCC 100) (2 credits)
  • DCC 230 Scientific Exploration (3 credits)
  • DCC 235 Experiential Learning Practicum 1 (2 credits)
  • DCC 310 Human Heritage 2 (Prerequisite: DCC 210) (3 credits)
  • DCC 315 Global Development (Prerequisite: DCC 215) (3 credits)
  • DCC 320 Arts in Society (3 credits)
  • DCC 330 Scientific Experimentation & Research (4 credits)
  • DCC 345 Professional Development Seminar 2 (2 credits)
  • DCC 355 Experiential Learning Practicum 2 (2 credits)
  • DCC 400 Interdisciplinary Studies Seminar (3 credits)
  • DCC 410 Professional Development Seminar 3 (2 credits)
  • DCC 420 Delta Capstone (12 credits)

Academic Major Options

Delta College students may choose any major offered at SUNY Brockport. The number of credits or time required to complete a degree will depend upon the major selected. Delta College students may also create a customized academic major through the Contractual Liberal Arts Major (CLAM) program. Delta College’s integrated curriculum makes multiple majors and/or minors a more attainable objective for many Delta students.

Last Updated 7/21/22