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Undergraduate students seeking an undergraduate degree must meet the requirements below. NOTE: The letters in parenthesis are the General Education course codes. These course codes are used to identify courses in the Catalog course descriptions that satisfy the General Education requirements as summarized below. Some courses carry multiple codes indicating that they satisfy several requirements.

SUNY Requirements at Brockport

Students must complete at least 30 credits meeting the following requirements.

  • Mathematics (M)
  • Basic Communication (Q)
  • TWO Natural Science (N or L), at least one with lab (L)
  • TWO Social Science (S)
  • TWO Humanities (H)
  • TWO Fine Arts (F or P), at least one with performance (P)
  • Foreign Language (111 level)

Additional Brockport Requirements

  • Computer Skills Exam*
  • Contemporary Issues (I)
  • Perspectives on Gender (W)
  • Oral Communication (Y)
  • Diversity or Other World Civilizations (D or O)
  • Academic Planning Seminars

*The Computer Skills Examination requirement has been suspended pending College Senate action in the 2015-2016 academic year. The examination will not be required for any student entering in Fall 2015 or in a previous year.

Requirements for Transfer Students

  1. Transfer students who matriculate with fewer than 24 credits must complete Brockport's requirements (above).
  2. Transfer students who matriculate with more than 24 credits, but who have not completed SUNY general education requirements prior to admission:
    • SUNY requirements: Students may redistribute the requirements provided they demonstrate coverage of each of Brockport's areas and constitute 30 credits.
    • Brockport requirements: The Diversity or Other World Civilizations requirement is waived.
  3. Transfer students have completed the SUNY general education requirements at another SUNY institution prior to matriculation at Brockport:
    • SUNY requirements: Brockport deems these students to have completed these requirements.
    • Brockport's requirements: The Diversity or Other World Civilizations requirement is waived.
  4. Please see the Transfer Credit Guide for additional information on transfer student General Education requirements.


Last Updated 7/21/22