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Department of Philosophy

101 Hartwell
(585) 395-2420

Chairperson and Professor: Georges Dicker; University Professor: Paul Yu; Professor: Harold Greenstein; Assistant Professors: Gordon Barnes, Catherine McKeen; Visiting Assistant Professor: Keith McPartland.

The Department of Philosophy promotes the ideals of impartiality, intellectual rigor and clarity of thought. Its curriculum is designed to contribute to the enrichment and refinement of students’ analytical, conceptual and communicatory abilities. The study of philosophy develops rational self-consciousness and cultivates habits of critical thought. Examining the best writings in the history of philosophy provides a broader perspective from which to view one’s place in nature, the world and society.

The study of philosophy is excellent preparation not only for a career as an academic philosopher, but also for careers in all fields that require clear, analytical thinking, writing, and speaking, including teaching and education, government, the ministry, business and management, publishing, and many other fields. Philosophy is also an excellent major for pre-law students.

Major in Philosophy

Philosophy majors must earn a minimum of 30 credits in philosophy, 18 of which must come from six required courses, and at least 15 of which must come from upper-division courses.

Specifically, the program requirements are as follows:

Number Class Credits
I. Six required courses
PHL 101 Introduction to Philosophy 3
PHL 102 Introduction to Ethics 3
PHL 205 Modern Logic 3
PHL 304 Ancient Philosophy 3
PHL 305 History of Modern Philosophy 3
PHL 396 Seminar on Philosophical Problems
PHL 491 Seminar on Individual Philosophers 3
II. Elective courses
Four PHL courses, at least two of which must be upper-division courses 12
Total: 30

Minor in Philosophy
Philosophy minors must complete 18 credits in philosophy, at least nine of which must come from upper-division courses.

Transfer credit is reviewed by the department chairperson on a course-by-course basis.

Philosophy Courses

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