Interdisciplinary Minor & Latin-American Studies

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Interdisciplinary Minor - Latin-American Studies

The interdisciplinary minor in Latin-American Studies includes the following requirements:

  1. Eighteen credits in 300 - 400-level courses focusing on Latin America and selected by advisement from at least three of the following disciplines: anthropology, art, economics, English, history, political science, sociology, and Spanish.
  2. Proficiency in Spanish, demonstrated by successfully completing a Spanish course at the 300/400 levels or by obtaining a passing score in a proficiency exam. SPN 354 Literature and Culture of Spanish America I and SPN 364 Literature and Culture of Spanish America II are highly recommended to help students familiarize themselves with the cultural history and the literature of Spanish America.

NOTE: Students who successfully complete one semester of study through the SUNY Brockport program in Costa Rica or Cuernavaca, Mexico, may receive 12 credits toward the minor. To complete the minor, they need only one additional course in each of two disciplines.

Students wishing to undertake the minor should first consult the program director: Victor J. Rojas, Foreign Languages and Literatures, 103-A Tower Fine Arts Building, (585) 395-5231, or via e-mail to


Last Updated 7/21/22