Interdisciplinary Minor—Canadian Studies

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Interdisciplinary Minor—Canadian Studies

An interdisciplinary minor in Canadian Studies is available to SUNY Brockport students who want to learn more about our neighbor to the north. Canada is the United States’ number one trading partner (exports and imports). Consequently, this minor is designed to assist students who wish to enhance their awareness of this important country. The Regents Plan for elementary and secondary schools in New York state requires the inclusion of Canadian Studies in the K–12 curriculum. For future teachers, business majors, and others interested in Canada, courses are offered in history, political science, literature, foreign language (French is strongly recommended), theatre, anthropology, and education.

Also included in this program is the opportunity to study at a Canadian university for a year.

For more information, contact the director of Canadian Studies, 233 Faculty Office Building, (585) 395-5677 or (585) 395-2584 , or Department of Political Science and International Studies, 228 FOB.


Last Updated 7/21/22