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Modern War and Society Interdisciplinary Minor

Modern War and Society, an interdisciplinary minor that requires 18 credits, provides a broad gauged perspective on a vital contemporary issue. The nature of human conflict, international power relations, the battlefield in various contexts, the literature of war, and myriad sub-topics make up the substance of the program. The Departments of English, History and Political Science offer an array of seventeen mostly upper-level courses. Students must meet the following requirements:

  1. HST 355 Modern War, 1740-1939
  2. Five electives which must include courses from at least two departments and at least one 400-level offering from the following:
    • ENL 495 Literature of the Holocaust
    • HST 327 American Military Experience
    • HST 351 Nazi Germany
    • HST 356 War Since 1945
    • HST 362 World War II
    • HST 417 The American Revolution
    • HST 419 The Civil War Era, 1848-1877
    • HST 441 World War I
    • HST 459 Modern Germany
    • HST 463 Revolution and Communism in China
    • HST 465 Vietnam: Race and Film
    • PLS 111 World Politics
    • PLS 333 American Foreign Policy
    • PLS 448 Leadership

For further information contact Dr. Arden Bucholz, Department of History, 149 Faculty Office Building, (585) 395-2377.

Last Updated 7/21/22