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Chapter VII

Course Listings: An Explanation

Courses in this catalog are listed first by the discipline code, three letters that indicate the academic discipline (HST for history, for example), followed by three digits. The first of these digits refers to the level of the course; the next two indicate the specific course. Thus ENL 165 is an English course designed for the lower-division student, and the 65 indicates the specific course offering, which is International Short Story. These numbers are followed by the actual course title, and this in turn is followed by letters within parentheses that tell whether the course is liberal arts (A) or professional (B) in nature, and whether it may be used to fulfill one or more of the General Education requirements. A legend for the letters and numbers used in course listings is given below. An example of a course listing follows:

Explanation Course Codes
WMS 101 (A,S,W,D) Introduction
to Women's Studies
Complete Listing
Women's Studies discipline code WMS
First digit indicates course level (undergraduate will be 1, 2, 3, or 4) 1
Second two digits indicate specific course 01
Official course title Introduction to Women's Studies
Liberal Arts credit code A
Social Sciences Knowledge Area S
Perspective on Women General Education code W
Diversity General Education code D

Following the course description is further information regarding course credits and semesters when the course will be offered. An explanation of these abbreviations follows:

Key to Course Listings in this Publication
Cr. Credits earned by successfully completing the course.
Fall Course is usually offered only in the fall semester.
Spring Course is usually offered only in the spring semester.
Summer Course is usually offered only in the summer sessions.
No Semester Indicated Course is offered irregularly or to be announced.

Course Listing Legend

Course Level Numbers
0-99 Non-credit course
100-199 Lower-division undergraduate course; no prerequisites
200-299 Lower-division undergraduate credit course; may have prerequisites
300-499 Upper-division credit course; normally requires junior status or above
500-599 Introductory-level graduate courses that may be available to undergraduates as 400-499 listings

Course Designation Codes

Letter Type
A Liberal Arts courses
B Non-liberal Arts

General Education Codes:

Letter Type
C Comparative Perspective courses
D Diversity
E Science and Technology
F Fine Arts without performance
G Western Civilization
H Humanities
I Contemporary Issues
J Contemporary Issues and Upper-level Writing
L Natural Science with lab
N Natural Science without lab
O Other World Civilizations (Non-Western)
P Fine Arts with performance
S Social Sciences
T Computer Literacy
U Upper-level Writing
V American History
W Perspectives on Women


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