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Department of Sociology

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Chairperson and Professor: Joan Z. Spade, Ph.D., SUNY Buffalo.
Professor: Frederic C. Deyo, PhD, University of Chicago.
Assistant Professors: Jeffrey T. Lashbrook, PhD, University of Rochester; Eileen O'Brian, PhD, University of Florida; Roger K. Steinhauer, PhD, Florida State University; Alan Turley, PhD, University of Texas at Austin.
Visiting Assistant Professor (Great Britain): John Halsey, PhD, Exeter University.
Distinguished Professor Emeritus: Edward C. Lehman, PhD, Mississippi State University.
Professors Emeriti: Frederick S. Halley, PhD, University of Missouri-Columbia; John E. Kramer, Jr., PhD, Yale University; Dorothy A. Mariner, PhD, University of California-Berkeley; Robert J. Potter, PhD, University of Chicago; Robert Rutzen, PhD, Yale University.

While the Department of Sociology does not currently have a graduate degree program, its graduate course offerings may be applied as requirements or electives in degree programs as determined through the advisement process.

Sociology Courses

SOC 512 Schools, Learning, and Society. Prerequisite: SOC 100 or 101. Examines the relationships between education and other aspects of society, including social structures and processes through which culture is transmitted from one generation to the next; and possible contributions of education to social and individual order and change. 3 Cr.

SOC 528 Racial and Ethnic Minorities. Provides a study of the role of race and ethnicity in social relations. Examines major theoretical orientations toward racial and ethnic stratification, as well as the consequences of inequality for both majority and minority groups. 3 Cr.

SOC 564 Gender and Social Change. Examines real and imagined differences between men and women. Reviews the strengths and weaknesses of various theories explaining gender differences. Explains social and economic consequences of being male or female. Spends time discovering and analyzing social structures and processes contributing to the maintenance of gender patterns. 3 Cr.

SOC 565 Sociology of Aging. Provides a survey of social theories and research about older persons in U.S. and other societies. 3 Cr.

SOC 599 Independent Study. Prerequisite: Instructor's permission. Explores various theoretical perspectives on a social phenomenon or sub-area of sociology not covered by other registered courses. Arranged in consultation with the instructor. 3-6 Cr.

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