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Interdisciplinary Courses

The School of Professions sponsors graduate course whose interdisciplinary content is applicable to students in many programs, in the School of Professions and beyond.

PRO 507 Transcultural Issues in Health Care. Examines the issues and implications of health and culture; explores and evaluates social policy issues important to addressing the health needs of specific ethnocultural groups and women; examines a variety of historical and theoretical issues related to health and culture; discusses comparative health issues in developed and developing countries; and compares and contrasts health beliefs, values and practices of a diverse population. There is a major service learning component to this course which provide students with firsthand exposure to a cultural group different from their own. 3 Cr.

PRO 510 Grants Writing. A basic, practical, how-to course for the beginning grants writer. Includes types of funding sources, how to identify funding sources, and how to write foundation and government proposals. Requirements include writing a brief sample proposal. Appropriate for all majors. For information, contact Colleen Donaldson, grants development director, (585) 395-5118 or Dean of the School of Professions, 264 Faculty Office Building, (585) 395-2510. 1 Cr. Spring, Summer.
PRO 552 Spanish for Health Professionals. Presents basic Spanish language useful for health professionals who work with Spanish-speaking clients. Also examines cultural differences that impact health and health-care decisions. 3 Cr.

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