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Graduate Admissions

Chapter III

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Graduate Admissions

Any individual holding a baccalaureate or higher degree must apply for admission to either matriculated or non-degree status before enrolling in courses for graduate or undergraduate credit. Applicants must submit official transcripts documenting receipt of a baccalaureate or higher degree from an institution accredited by a regional accrediting agency. Only individuals who have obtained a baccalaureate or higher degree from institutions accredited by a regional accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education to establish eligibility for TitleIV-aid programs are eligible for admission to non-degree status or to a degreeprogram.

Matriculated graduate students are those students who have applied to and been admitted to a graduate program leading to a master's degree or a certificate of advanced study. Students seeking a graduate degree or advanced certificate should apply for matriculation as early as possible, since a maximum of nine credits taken at SUNY Brockport in non-degree status can be credited towards a graduate degree program.

Non-matriculated graduate students are those who have applied for and been granted non-degree status. Non-degree status provides the opportunity for students to enroll on a non-matriculated basis in graduate courses for which they have the prerequisites and interest.

Application for Admission to a Degree Program(Matriculated Status)

The selection process identifies students whose academic ability, past performance, and motivation indicate the potential for success in graduate study at SUNY Brockport. Admission to Brockport and all other units of the State University of New York is based on the academic and personal qualifications of the respective applicants without regard to race/ethnicity/color, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, age, disability, marital status, or status as a Vietnam-era or disabled veteran.

Admission to graduate education as a matriculated student is competitive and program-specific. Each graduate program utilizes a separate application that is self-managed by the applicant. The applicant is responsible for submitting the completed application with all required components, including official transcripts*, to the Office of Graduate Admissions by the appropriate deadline.

Application forms for admission to master's degree and certificate of advanced study (CAS) programs at SUNY Brockport are available from the Office of Graduate Admissions (585) 395-5465. A $50 non-refundable application fee is required for each application submitted. Each applicant applying for a program leading to certification in a professional education program in counselor education, dance, educational administration, education and human development, health science and physical education must submit a separate, non-refundable $30 College fee made payable to SUNY College at Brockport. Since applications are program-specific, applicants who decide to apply to a program different from the one originally selected should be aware that a new application, including payment of a new application fee, is required. Matriculated students requesting transfer to a different program must also submit a new application.

Applications are generally processed on a continuing basis and are forwarded by the Office of Graduate Admissions to the appropriate departmental graduate admissions committee. Some programs have specific application deadlines as indicated in their application materials.

A graduate committee within the department or departments concerned reviews the academic background and other qualifications of each applicant and makes appropriate recommendations to Office of Graduate Admissions. Departments may recommend that an applicant be granted one of two types of admission:

  1. Regular admission: Matriculation in a degree program without reservation, indicating a sound academic background in preparation for a specific program of graduate study.
  2. Conditional admission: Matriculation into a degree program on a conditional basis. Students admitted on a conditional basis will be apprised in writing of the conditions they must fulfill in order to achieve regular admission status. The maximum number of credits that can be earned while in conditional status is 12. Any student who earns a grade less than "B" in a graduate course, while in conditional status, will be dismissed from graduate study.

Only a letter from the Office of Graduate Admissions constitutes an official offer of admission. The three annual matriculation dates at SUNY Brockport are January 1, June 1 and September 1.

Application for Admission to Non-degree Status (Non-matriculated Status)

Students interested in taking courses as a non-matriculated graduate student may apply directly to the Office of Graduate Admissions. Application for non-degree status requires that the applicant complete a brief application, pay a one-time $25 application fee and submit an official transcript documenting that the applicant holds a baccalaureate or higher degree from a regionally accredited institution. If a transcript is not available at the time of registration, applicants will be given 30 days from the first day of classes to provide one.* Registration for subsequent semesters will be blocked if a transcript is not received.

Students who plan to later apply for admission to a graduate program should consult with the department before engaging in non-matriculated graduate study. A maximum of nine credits taken at SUNY Brockport in non-degree status may be credited towards a graduate degree program.

*NOTE: Failure to report all previous college attendance on applications and to submit required official college transcripts is considered to be academic dishonesty. Discovery of such dishonesty will result in no transfer of credit and can result in suspension from SUNY Brockport.

Definition of a Full-time Graduate Student

A full-time graduate student at SUNY Brockport is one who:

  1. is registered for 12 graduate credits per semester (additional credits may be taken with departmental approval), or
  2. is registered for nine graduate credits per semester with an assistantship or internship of 15 or more contact hours per week, or
  3. is engaged in full-time thesis research which:
    1. is part of an approved Plan of Study;
    2. requires effort which is the equivalent in Carnegie units to 12 credits of work; and
    3. has in his or her departmental file a letter from the department chairperson or graduate program coordinator, indicating that said student is engaged in full-time thesis research for each semester or comparable summer period.

Students receiving state financial aid awards (e.g., TAP, Challenger) and taking less than nine credits need to provide documentation of full-time status to the Bursar's Office. Questions regarding specific requirements should be directed to the Bursar's Office, (585) 395-2473.

Graduate Student Advisement

SUNY Brockport provides each matriculated student with a wide variety of advisement services and procedures to assist in planning an academic program consistent with institutional and departmental degree requirements, and with the student's own academic goals. Matriculated students are assigned advisors from the department offering the degree.

Advisement concerning teacher certification is available in the Office of Certification and Licensure, (585) 395-2344.

Non-matriculated students should seek counsel with respect to the appropriateness and availability of courses from the department offering the course.

Final responsibility for meeting all graduate requirements remains with the student.

Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

Several of SUNY Brockport's graduate programs require submission of GRE scores as part of the admissions process. Specific information on whether a program requires GRE scores is contained in each program's application.

The Graduate Record Examination is given on campus, but applications to take the examination must be made to Educational Testing Service. Applications for the Graduate Record Examination and information on testing centers are available from the Office of Career Services, the Office of Graduate Admissions, or at

International Student Admission

Graduate education at SUNY Brockport welcomes international students to our campus, recognizing that they enrich the educational experience for all students by contributing to the intellectual, social and cultural diversity of the college community.

In addition to assessing the academic record of international applicants, we are required by the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) to obtain financial and other documentation before issuing the Certificate of Eligibility for Non-Immigrant Student Status (I-20). It is the College's responsibility to collect and record this information on the I-20 as part of the admissions process.

The following items are required for admission, in addition to other program-specific requirements indicated on each program's application.

  1. Official or true certified copies of the applicant's post-secondary academic record (transcripts, examination scores, mark sheets, etc) in both English and the original language.
  2. Official or true certified copies of the applicant's diploma or degree certificate in both English and the original language.
  3. Documentation of English language proficiency for all non-native speakers of English. The College accepts only the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). A minimum score of 550 on the paper-based version or a 213 on the computerized version is required for admission.
  4. An original bank statement in the student's name or that of the student's sponsor showing a current balance of at least the total cost of attendance. If the student has a sponsor, the student must also submit a letter, signed and dated by the sponsor stating the amount (in US dollars) that will be put toward the student's educational expenses while attending SUNY Brockport.

Upon enrolling in a graduate program at SUNY Brockport, international students will be required to purchase a mandatory health insurance policy. Any exemptions to this policy are made by the Student Health Center in Hazen Hall.

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